“The ability of an organization to achieve truly great things depends on the ability of its leaders to gain and inspire commitment from the people–to exceed what they thought was possible.”

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Workforce Training Services

Make every employee a High Performer. Carefully provide the right employee training services to those that need it, when it can be utilized most effectively. It’s a systematic way to maximize the performance of your Human Capital.

Training opens the doors to performance. But training shouldn’t be the same for everyone. It’s not a cure like cough syrup. It’s more like a recipe. The careful blend of just the right amounts of the best ingredients.

With over 25 years of experience behind us, PLS Consulting has developed a reputation for our strengths in developing and tailoring organizational training to each client’s need.

Our organizational training services include:


Analyzing Training NeedsAnalyzing Training Needs

Human capital training begins with information. PLS Consulting provides a wide variety of assessments designed to identify your company's current capability and readiness, or the barriers inhibiting superior work force performance. Analyze Your Training Needs»

Leadership DevelopmentLeadership Development

Leadership drives organizational performance. Leaders establish and implement strategic direction. Effective leaders create the satisfying and motivating environment that fosters high performance. Leadership Development »

Sales Force PerformanceSales Force Performance

It’s often been said that “nothing happens until a sale is made.” PLS can help you identify the barriers preventing your team from higher sales volumes. And, with our Customer Value Analysis, we can even tell you what your best customers want your sales people to do, that they aren’t! Sales Force Performance Training »

Customer Service SkillsCustomer Service Skills

Working with customers can often be a challenge. Only people that have dealt with customers really know how challenging (and rewarding) the job can be. PLS has developed two unique programs to strengthen employee confidence and ensure customer satisfaction. Customer Service Training »


Training Programs

Each PLS solution is designed or tailored to your business model and the competencies and values you've chosen.

For more information on how our expertise can benefit your business, contact us at 800.827.7576, or e-mail us at info@pls.net.

For more information about our services, or to learn how your organization can benefit from a partnership with PLS, please contact us via email at info@pls.net, or by phone at (800) 827-7576.