Tactical Selling is uniquely designed to provide an understanding of the collaborative sales process and where various departments can support sales.

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Tactical Selling (The Collaborative Process)

Tactical Selling is a fresh and unique approach for training sales professionals selling high-end services and products. This innovative three-and-a-half-day workshop combines skill building with collaborative sales techniques, and provides methods for overcoming typical sales challenges. Tactical Selling enhances learning with a simulation that runs throughout the entire program. Participants are divided into two teams and immediately begin to transfer learning into action as they practice using new skills and techniques to gain a competitive advantage.

Tactical Selling develops and strengthens the skills necessary for building long-term, business-to- business relationships. Tactical Selling targets five main outcomes include.

  • Immediate application of the collaborative process in major account sales
  • Practical, transferable sales strategies for maintaining key accounts
  • Useful tool for gathering and organizing customer, market and competitor information
  • Proven ideas, strategies and tools for improving business to business relationship
  • Action plans developed for specific situations and opportunities in a given sales territory

This is one of the most interactive and high-energy courses available for sales personnel today. Tactical Selling is designed to meet the needs of your entire sales organization – Account Executives, marketing and customer service personnel.

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