Maximizing Sales Results covers the key steps appropriate in every sales call.

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Maximizing Sales Results

The best sales organizations today repeat systematic steps with each customer to create credible relationships, identify specific business needs, learn market positions and challenges, and when appropriate, propose solutions that measurably improve their customer’s business performance (while achieving their own company’s business objectives).

Maximizing Sales Results was developed to provide skills and practice with the sales process used by high performing sales organizations to:

  1. Demonstrate professionalism in account management
  2. Create relationships based on business contributions to the customers objectives
  3. Establish a position of trusted advisor and confidant
  4. Propose solutions that improve customer business performance and bottom-line results

Maximizing Sales Results covers the key steps appropriate in every call. Participants learn and practice the sales skills to:

  • Prepare strategically for each sales call whether with an influencer or decision-maker

  • Open calls to establish purpose and benefits for both parties

  • Build rapport before to set the stage for further discussion

  • Gather information critical to the business relationship and future proposals

  • Propose solutions and verify interest

  • Deal effectively with objections

  • Close the customer to gain agreements to move to the next step

  • Maintain account relationships and establish long-term future value

This course is designed for sales, marketing and customer service personnel interested in understanding the key steps associated with developing and expanding value-added account relationships.

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