High Performance Selling provides not only a structured approach to calling on customers but allows participants the opportunity to practice using multiple sales skills during the call.

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High Performance Selling

A successful sale begins with a process. High Performance Selling is an interactive 2-day workshop built around a model that provides a structured approach for determining the tactics and strategies necessary for a competitive advantage. Participants quickly learn to use the Collaborative Sales Process that will have them progressively planning for success at each step of the sale.

Using the 7 key steps that ensure high performance selling, participants will learn:

  • Pre-call Planning: How to establish call objectives and determine a strategy
  • Opening the Call and Building Rapport: When to ask questions that build trust
  • Gathering Information: Methods of identifying personal and organizational needs
  • Developing and Proposing Solutions: Using features, advantages and benefits to meet (or exceed) customer expectations
  • Handling Customer Concerns and Objections: How to work toward resolution and agreement
  • Closing: When (and how) to “ask for the business…”
  • Maintenance and follow-up: Strategies for long-term support and relationships

High Performance Selling offers case studies and role-play activities specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client. Participants also receive a valuable “Sales Tool Kit” with ideas, forms, questions and strategy worksheets in both hard copy and disc.

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