The Economics of Business allows Account Executives to discuss critical business performance issues that corporate officers are challenged by - strategic imperatives, financial strategy and performance impact!

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Economics of Business

Sales professionals know that long-term relationships often depend on credibility gained by focusing their sales efforts on the financial impact to the client’s bottom-line. Economics of Business is an intensive 2-day workshop that provides skills and knowledge necessary for answering the financial questions of key financial and operational decision makers.

Economics of Business is designed to help salespeople differentiate themselves from their competitors and build relationships at the “C” suite level.

Taught by an accredited CPA and CEO, participants increase their understanding of how to use research, financial statements, balance sheets, and financial ratios to demonstrate value to the customer.

This hands-on course allows participants to:

  • Determine key sources of financial information
  • Develop probing strategies surrounding financial conditions and objectives
  • Improve skills for identifying financial risks and rewards
  • Increase assessment and computational skills
  • Use ratio analysis to evaluate customer financial statements
  • Develop a strategy based on core economic data

Attending the Economics of Business workshop will increase your sales force’s credibility and build relationships with the “Economic Buyers” that often have final decision-making authority. A greater understanding of critical business performance issues will differentiate your sales team from its competition.

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