With the right teams, you’re playing in another league. Nothing has had a greater impact on American business recently than the concept of continuous improvement.

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Working With Teams

The Competitive Advantage

Increased competition demands that every organization identify ways to improve the quality of its deliverables and the value it offers its customers. Working With Teams (WWT) is a powerful workshop that helps those in a leadership role build a core of highly focused and involved employees capable of meeting these challenges.

Modularized to fit the schedule of team leaders and supervisors, WWT offers 10 four-hour units that target a team approach to continuous improvement in the work environment.

The power of WWT lies in a two-stage process that provides employees and supervisors with a step-by-step system for building teams that solve problems, strengthen operations and improve job satisfaction.

The WWT stages of development include:

  • Stage One: Discovery – Building a solid foundation of the team concept.
  • Stage Two: Implementation – Putting the skills, ideas and tools into practice.

In addition to large and small group discussions, participants of WWT use a wide variety of industry specific assessment tools, team profiles, case studies and role-play activities. Pre- and post-workshop exercises also ensure new skills and behaviors are translated into action, as participants begin building a highly effective work environment.

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