Choose A Training Program Built For Your People

Don’t invest your hard-earned budget dollars
on training that is not a fit for your environment.

Supervising people in the field is different than supervising people in the office.

Company money, and more importantly, company time is wasted on courses not designed for your workers.

Most supervisory training programs are designed for workers in an office environment. The class is conducted in an office classroom, with white boards and a PowerPoint presentation. It covers topics such as motivation, teamwork, and project planning.

What it doesn’t do is develop skills needed for managing people in the field. And supervising people in the field or plant environment is different than supervising people in the office.

On The Line: Building Team Leader Skills is the only course that teaches your first-line supervisors the skills to resolve a team conflict on the job site, under stressful circumstances, that threatens to derail a project and put other crews behind schedule.

Turn your first-level supervisors into
first-rate leaders.

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Built For Your Audience

Have you ever attended training where people in white shirts sit next to people wearing safety vests and carrying hard hats?

We all have.

It’s generic, one-size-fits-all training that receives poor evaluations from attendees, because it’s only a fit for half the audience. It’s like throwing away half of your training budget.

When you are educating foreman, crew leads, and shift supervisors, you need a course that understands the unique challenges they face on a daily basis.

Employees who have completed On The Line are armed with the tools to help them plan their work efficiently. They understand safety concerns, how to correct them, and ensure your crews get the job done safely. Workers on transformer

On The Line attendees understand principles behind motivation, and know how to motivate each member of their team. They are able to resolve conflicts between team members, and learn ways to uncover issues before they become problems.

Most important of all, employees who have completed On The Line learn how to use all of these skills to ensure quality service for your customer.

Team leaders who can master the skills above create a safe and productive workplace for their team, which saves the company time and money.

So, How Does On The Line Work?

Let’s take a look at the program contents:

Throughout the course, participants draw on real situations they face every day to learn how to become better supervisors and team leaders.

Designed By Training Specialists

PLS has been designing and delivering instructional materials for nearly 30 years. We’ve helped turn thousands of employees into effective leaders. Our instructional designers and facilitators are experts in adult learning theory, and continue to study best practices to ensure your organization receives the best, most up-to-date instruction.

Judge us by the company we keep. See a list of organizations we’ve worked with.

Flexible Program Schedule

Companies often don’t like keeping workers away from their job for days at a time. On The Line is flexible. It works whether it’s conducted in consecutive two-day periods, or in several sessions. Each of the nine units provides two to four hours of training.

Participants Learn What Management Expects From Them

Participants and their managers both become involved in On The Line through pre-work and follow-up activities.

Participants and their managers complete expectation and style assessments prior to the class. The responses are compared during the class, which helps team leaders develop a better understanding of manager and company expectations.

On The Line

On The Line is more than just a training workbook. The program comes complete with case studies, role play scenarios, simulations, videos, pre- and post-work tools.

Playing With Knowledge™

On The Line is activity-oriented. Simulations, group discussions, videos, and individual exercises are used to help team leaders develop and practice new skills. Participants use challenging situations from their own work environment and leave On The Line with practical tools they can apply immediately back on the job.

Customized To Your Environment

Each organization is unique. That’s why On The Line: Building Team Leaders Skills can be customized to your environment. One company may call their first line supervisors “team leaders.” You may call them “foremen,” or “lead,” or “shift supervisor.” On The Line can be modified to fit the terminology specific to your organization.

Drawing from our nearly 30 years in the utility industry, PLS has crafted role-play and case study scenarios that fit most organizations. However, the scenarios in On The Line can also be customized to mirror specific situations your employees face everyday.

Use Our Instructors or Your Own

On The Line can be delivered in two ways:

  1. A PLS instructor trains your employees. PLS provides the participant course material, which includes pre-work, participant workbook, handouts, and follow-up activities.
  2. A PLS instructor certifies your instructors to conduct the course. Our trainer will come to your site and teach the course to both employees and any number of internal instructors you’d like to certify. Your internal instructors participate in the course, and the PLS instructor remains on-site for an additional day to train your trainers.

Our train-the-trainer approach allows certified instructors to conduct the course as often as the organization needs. Your certified instructors are provided with a Leader’s Kit, which includes all the materials needed to teach the course. Participant materials are purchased from PLS, and are available in volume discounts.

Turn your first-level supervisors into
first-rate leaders.

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