The job with one of the highest turnover rates is the job of supervision. Individuals are often thrust into the world of supervision without an understanding of what that world is or what is expected of them when they make the transition.

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Charting Your Course: Transitions to Leadership

Charting Your Course

Research indicates that more individuals leave management in the first 18 months after their promotion than at any other time during a leadership career.

Many individuals are promoted to supervisory positions due to their success as an individual contributor in a craft or professional area. The problem is, many of the skills mastered at the individual contributor level vary greatly from those necessary to succeed in a management position. Managers must be prepared to deal with the variety of different situations that present themselves every day – conflict in the workplace, delegation, motivation, performance management, teamwork, etc. Being a successful supervisor requires constant attention on managing people, not just managing tasks associated with getting the job done.

The result of making the wrong selection can be catastrophic. Team productivity may drop. A promoted employee can become frustrated or even quit.

Charting Your Course is a two-day leadership development program designed for individuals who have been designated as supervisory candidates, who are interested in becoming supervisors, or who are new supervisors with no supervisory skill training. Charting Your Course helps individuals to explore the complex world of supervision and guides them to make an informed career decision about whether or not to pursue a supervisory career path at this point in their professional development.

Program Outcomes:

After completing Charting Your Course, participants will have:

  • An analysis of their work styles, personal change requirements and leadership styles.
  • An understanding of a supervisor’s many roles and responsibilities.
  • An understanding of individual skills necessary to survive the first days, weeks and months as a new supervisor.
  • A plan for development, whether in or out of a supervisory career.
  • Management assistance in achieving their development objectives.

Through various assessment tools, participants gain a greater understanding of their own leadership potential in this highly interactive two-day workshop.

Additional class activities and insights include:

  • Analyzing personal “work styles.”
  • Experiencing a “typical day” using key supervisory skills.
  • Determining areas for personal change.
  • Creating a personal development plan to prepare for the transition to supervision or continued excellence in their functional role.


Proven, measurable benefits of Charting Your Course include:

  • A cost-effective approach to preparing employees who are transitioning to a supervisory role.
  • Reduced turnover costs and disruption to the workplace.
  • Reduced dissatisfaction experienced by many new to supervisory positions.
  • Increased leadership skills as new supervisors.

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