By understanding that each customer defines value somewhat differently, we are better able to successfully reach a customer agreement and thus improve internal performance and operating effectiveness.

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Delivering Value to Your Customer

Achieving exceptionally high customer satisfaction begins with a collaborative focus on “internal customers”.

Delivering Value to Your Customer (DVYC) takes a non-traditional approach to improving customer satisfaction by focusing on strategies that strengthen deliverables between departments.

Participants practice developing and using Score Cards, Questionnaires, Comment Cards and Performance Logs to gain valuable information from their internal customers. They then learn to translate this information into measurable performance improvement initiatives that will strengthen customer satisfaction with external customers.

In addition to large group discussions and small team exercises, participants in this 2-day workshop discover a 4-step customer satisfaction process that teaches:

  • Tools for collecting and sorting customer requirements and satisfaction
  • Techniques for analyzing customer data and identify gaps
  • Ways to identify root causes and performance impact
  • How to develop solutions that increasingly add value
  • Methods of implementing and measuring the value for service level improvements (ROI)

After attending DVYC, participants will have the skills, techniques and tools necessary for defining their role as they align service with the customer’s needs and requirements.

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