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Client Testimonials

As Vice President of Human Resources with Foxworth-Galbraith Family of Companies (a 100 year old family owned company in the building materials industry – ranked 8th largest in United States with 2,600 employees in 2006), I was given the assignment of developing a Management Succession & Leadership Development initiative.

This was the first time in the 100 year history of the company that any attempt had been made in management succession, and it was important that we develop a “Competency based Management Succession” system and establish an cutting edge Leadership Development initiative.

I began a nation-wide search to find the ideal Consultant to partner with us in this important work, and began by attending a Conference Board event on Management Succession. I had learned over my 35 year career in Human Resources that Conference Board Events always featured the most cutting edge practices presented by Fortune 500 (many times Fortune 100) Companies and was an opportunity to talk with Solution Providers/Vendors as well as companies going through similar work of developing a management succession program.

The name PLS Consulting continued to pop up on my radar screen and I made the decision to attend (along with my Manger of Training) a PLS Conference/Seminar Workshop, which proved to be a good investment of time and money.

PLS Consulting was selected as our Consultant/Partner and together with their expertise and leadership, we developed a cutting edge “Competency based Management Succession/Leadership Development” program. I attended another Conference Board Event and was more convinced than ever that the work that PLS Consulting had done was equivalent or superior to any presented at the Conference Board Event.

While PLS Consulting’s President Alan Lindsay worked closely with us, I found his entire team to be very competent in their given areas of expertise, in evaluating the competencies for each position, evaluating each of our key executives and managers, and in the development of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for each executive and manager.

I would strongly recommend to anyone who has been given the task of developing a cutting edge Management Succession Program, to evaluate and consider PLS Consulting as their Consultant/Partner/Solution Provider. R. Lynn Guillory
Vice President of Human Resources (Ret.)
Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Company


The services of PLS Consulting, Inc. were retained in 2008 to assist the City of San Jose in analyzing and developing recommendations to address the impending retirement boom, beginning with the most impacted, San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant. Our facility is both a waste-water and electricity co-generation operation. With nearly half of our employees likely to retire within a five-year period, it was imperative to put into place talent management and knowledge retention tools.

PLS met with our subject matter experts using structured on-site interviews and focus groups to quickly gain an understanding of our current situation. Through thorough research, PLS consultants provided a detailed report and presentations to management and staff of what we might expect should the retirement trend continue and recommended solutions to address the drain of knowledge and expertise that would result with the potential exodus of employees.

The comprehensive study conducted by PLS and recommendations were made in the following Talent Management areas:

  • A workforce analysis identifying replacement needs and hard-to-fill positions
  • Development of competency maps for plant specific critical positions
  • Plant focused recruitment, retention, and development strategies
  • A classification & compensation study
  • Plans for a knowledge transfer & knowledge retention system
  • Strategies and tools for performance management

Mr. Lindsay and his team at PLS Consulting are very knowledgeable and they were very attentive to the specific issues and needs of the Plant. They quickly brought themselves up to speed in understanding the internal and external environment that affect our work and the wastewater industry. They understood the parameters we had to work within as a municipal government agency and presented their findings and recommendations to reflect those limitations. All the consultants I worked with were very professional in their interaction with staff and what the staff appreciated was being heard and their realities brought forward in the resulting work by PLS. Shirley Mamuyac Mata, MSOD, PHR, IPMA-CP
Senior Analyst - Workforce Planning & Development
City of San Jose


Our relationship started in 1994 with a desire to have someone develop a systematic method for training the sales organization to apply to our rapidly changing business changing needs, in a fast approaching deregulation environment... I believe that it was not the training alone that made PLS a perfect partner but their complete approach to the development process. Their most impressive characteristic is their thoroughness in questioning and probing to make sure they and their customer agree on a proper course of action. It is the practice of what they teach that has made them such an asset to our training curriculum.Manager, Customer Service and Sales Training
Electric & Gas Utility Company


We began our relationship with PLS with training to help us focus on new directions with our customers. We followed that training with Business Planning training to enhance our ability to develop and maintain new customer relationships, as well as retain our current customer base. Throughout this process, PLS' comprehensive and customized training both met our needs and exceeded our expectations, with sessions that were professional and credible, taught by enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters.

I strongly believe we made the right decision in choosing PLS to help with our (customer service and sales) training needs.Manager, Business Market Planning and Strategy Water and Electric
Federal Agency


I found the training very valuable in that it touches the major issues and problems facing this select group of individuals. It was a very energetic learning experience and one that provides for follow-up after the formal training.

The staff has been very helpful in assisting me with the materials and providing me with any information that I needed. Once again, your instructor has gone the extra mile to assist us with our requests and I personally find him to be an asset to your organization.Training Supervisor
Mid-Western Steel Manufacturer


For more information about our services, or to learn how your organization can benefit from a partnership with PLS, please contact us via email at info@pls.net, or by phone at (800) 827-7576.