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Benefits of Quality Selection and Hiring System

  • Lower Acquisition Cost
  • Reduced Training Cost
  • Faster Time To Performance
  • Lower Turnover Cost
  • Increased Retention
  • Higher Revenue per Employee
  • Reduced Selection Cost
  • Lower Recruiting Cost

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Selection Systems

Acquiring talent is key to achieving your strategic business objectives. As it’s been said, having “the right person, in the right place, and at the right time” is critical to business performance. But, selection and hiring is not an isolated event. It’s a systematic approach that links recruitment, selection and hiring together with a focus on strategic objectives. As growth occurs, organizations must have an agile system that ensures top candidates are identified and hired as fast as the demand occurs.

PLS is in the business of Integrated Talent Management. That means that each part of the system works together to hire the right people, support their development and ensure they fit with the business’s environment, job requirements and culture. Each Selection and Hiring process is tailored to your business and ensures that new hires will perform to a higher level, stay on the job longer, require less training investment and contribute to your strategic objectives sooner.

Selection & Hiring System Design Model

We recognize that your organization may have many elements already in place. Some may work well and others may not. Our goal is to understand your business requirements, your industry’s challenges, and to combine them with our expertise to create a system that will work for you.

We know that small businesses are not the same as large corporations; private industry is not the same as a public entity; technology is not the same as manufacturing. So, the system, tools, processes, training, and investment has to match your organizationís need.

PLS solutions typically provide:

  • A review and link your to strategic business objectives.
  • An analysis of your workforce strategies.
  • Development of employee branding strategies.
  • Selection process development and documentation.
  • Job competency profiles (functional and leadership).
  • Tactical selection process design.
  • Process documentation and training for HR teams.
  • Behavioral interviewing protocol/guidelines and training for managers.

We also help you select instruments and technology to support your system with Pre-employment Testing, Applicant Tracking, Predictive Job Match Testing, and much more.

You can tell one’s quality by the company they keep. At the appropriate time, we can connect you to some of the best technology partners in the industry, including:

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