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How Employee Engagement Helps Retain Your Best Workers

Itís no secret that highly engaged employees stay with their companies longer than under-engaged employees, and have a greater impact on their organizationís profitability and success. So, why is it that as few as 16% of U.S. workers are ďfully engaged?Ē

The fact is, most organizations donít know how to determine the engagement level of their employees. Of those organizations that have conducted engagement surveys, many donít know what to do with the data the surveys provide.

In this article, we focus on the benefits of retaining your workers, and the important role employee engagement plays in retention. Continue »


Increasing The Strategic Value of Human Resources

Whether you’re an HR professional in a company of 100 employees or 5,000, recent studies show that three critical challenges will likely impact your ability to stay strategically relevant in your organization:

  1. Identifying and hiring the best skilled workers for each of your most valuable positions.
  2. Retaining valued employees in key positions throughout your organization.
  3. Retaining critical knowledge associated with your legacy business and ensuring the skills and knowledge are available to addresses anticipated changes within the business.

Continue »


Keys To Engagement Success

While working with our clients and their employee engagement surveys and initiatives, we’ve noticed that it is imperative to start by asking, “what are you willing to do with the information you get back from your employees?” Because doing nothing may actually negatively impact the company’s employees, profits, safety, and brand. However, taking steps to use employee feedback to improve, has enormous positive impacts. Continue »


Succession Planning Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

With all that’s been published about sustainable succession planning you would think it would be easy to get it right. Yet, numerous surveys are available showing that while less than 50% of businesses even have a program, only 25% of those are seen by executives as really effective. Succession planning can be more valuable and successful if we carefully think about five factors that commonly undermine succession planning programs. Continue »


Focus Groups: Employee Engagement Beyond The Numbers

Getting numerical results from an employee engagement survey is only part of the story. Going a step further to make the numbers meaingful improves the company culture, procedures, and engagement. Focus groups build a deeper understanding of what motivated the employee´s responses in the first place - and they can suggest valuable improvements. In a non threatening environment, focus groups provide meaningful feedback. Continue »


CEOs And Human Resources:
Creating New Organizational Value

It seems like every week we hear a number of similar concerns regarding HR from CEOs, each a request for HR to step up and deliver even greater value to the business. The implications are that HR will need to demonstrate new competencies in business acumen, strategic agility and the ability to facilitate change within the organization. Download Article (PDF) »


Why Succession Planning And Talent Management Fail And What To Do About It

The shortage of skilled senior managers and workers continues to loom ahead and succession planning and talent management continues to be one of the best opportunities available to organizations (government and private sector) to ensure pipelines of senior executives and other skilled and talented workers. Download Article (PDF) »


The Power Of Motivation
Discerning What Utility Employees Consider Important (Abstract)

Utility employees who are closest to the customer have a unique set of needs based on the challenges and dangers of their work. What they share with other organizations is a requirement to be paid a fair wage with appropriate benefits linked to their performance. Feelings of accomplishment, creativity, fairness and involvement are important and shouldn’t be ignored. Underplaying the importance of money and benefits as a motivation for employees is a mistake. Download Article (PDF) »






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