“PLS is pleased to once again be selected as a preferred provider by the City of San José. It is a great honor to continue to be chosen as a talent management partner.”

-Alan Lindsay, President/CEO

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City of San Josť, California Selects PLS Consulting

Portland, Ore., February 1, 2013 - PLS Consulting, Inc. (PLS) has been selected by the City of San José, California (the City) to analyze the current organizational structure, profile critical positions, and identify competency requirements for the City’s Environmental Services Department.

The City’s Environmental Services Department’s primary services include recycling and garbage collection, wastewater treatment, etc. The ESD enables San José to respond to new regulations and initiatives while improving customer services.

The City is working to ensure its ability to maintain operational reliability of the Water Pollution Control Plant, including the replacement of mission critical vacancies with skilled candidates. The City faces the potential of a number of critical position vacancies due to retirements and the challenge of filling key positions in a geographic marketplace that is known for its highly competitive labor market.

PLS has been selected to (1) conduct an analysis of current organizational structure and job competencies of the Plant, (2) profile critical positions to identify competency requirements as they are today and forecasted to meet changes in technologies, (3) evaluate the competiveness of the organization based on changing competencies and responsibilities, and (4) identify development solutions to ensure employees are rapidly and adequately developed to meet the changes brought about by technology, operating equipment, process changes, etc.

PLS was previously contracted by the City of San José in 2008 to conduct a workforce analysis defining critical and hard-to-fill positions, identify critical competencies and develop competency maps at the ESD, and build a knowledge management and transfer system.

“PLS is pleased to once again be selected as a preferred provider by the City of San José. It is a great honor to continue to be chosen as a talent management partner,” said Alan Lindsay, PLS President and CEO.

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