When A-dec’s human resource department needed a talent management partner, they turned to PLS to advance the same results-driven techniques for their workforce that their organization is so accustomed to.

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Oregon Manufacturer Plans For Growth; One Of Their First Steps Is A Partnership With PLS Consulting

Portland, Ore., August 1, 2012 –A-dec manufacturing has been a global leader in revolutionizing dental equipment solutions since 1964. Headquartered in Newberg, Oregon, they’ve never strayed from what they call their single focus: make the best, better when it comes to providing world-class products and service to the dental care industry. So when their human resource department needed a talent management partner, they turned to PLS to advance the same results-driven techniques for their workforce that their organization is so accustomed to.

In addition to selecting PLS in May 2012 to re-design, deploy and decipher their Employee Engagement Survey in four continents to over 1,000 employees, A-dec has also partnered with PLS for their internal team focus group process, and to deliver effective, departmental employee job descriptions – recognized as one component of their effective performance management system.

V.P. of Human Resources, Eileen Kunze said, “We were not looking for job descriptions that would run the risk of putting our employees back in the organizational chart boxes we’ve been asking them to break out of for years. Our goal, and what PLS offers, is the design of job descriptions that provide positive impact and will inform, communicate and align performance without compromising speed of productivity, flexibility and career path forward motion. We have among the highest workforce retention rates in the industry, so re-designing departmental job descriptions will keep our workforce aligned with company goals, vision and our mission.”

“When you’re a leader in an organization, one of the most critical things you’re charged with is assuring the inter-functional coordination of all the different positions and roles needed to get the job done with efficiency, cost control and effectiveness,” Grant Gerke, A-dec’s V.P. of Product Marketing says. “This year and going forward, a major component of our strategic plan will focus at the individual department level on career advancement and our people’s performance at a deeper, more technical, analytical level. Besides the continued investments in product development, systems and processes, we’re going to emphasize an investment in our people. We think that’s just one way to drive a competitive advantage in our industry.”

“It’s very important to remember that you must supplement employee job descriptions with regularly stipulated goals and developmental opportunities, at a minimum quarterly, preferably monthly. This mandates that the employee meet with their department leader to establish the next set of specific, measurable objectives,” says Alan Lindsay, CEO and President of PLS Consulting, Inc. “We try to strike strategic balance with our human resource partners by designing employee job descriptions with dynamics that enable an employee to be comfortable taking reasonable risks that stretch their current limits and discourage the thought, ‘That’s not my job.’”

Employee job descriptions are an integral part of the performance management system. Besides determining things like salary increase and bonus eligibility, if designed properly they are a measurable focus for an employee’s energy and attention in ownership of the position and their specific skills and abilities.

For more information, please contact Alan Lindsay via email at alan.lindsay@pls.net or call (503) 291-7825.

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