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Knowledge Management & Transfer Consulting

Human Capital Management is more than just creating a pipeline of workers available to enter your workforce. It’s also about capturing and sharing vital knowledge so that everyone can perform better! A Knowledge Management system ensures your organization has the right strategy in place to identify and capture knowledge before it walks out the door.  Knowledge Transfer is a systematic approach to sharing  essential knowledge with a people centered transfer process.  

Many small to medium sized organizations report that up to 35% of their experienced workers are eligible to retire within the next 3 years. What’s more challenging is that there is no systematic approach to identifying and capturing critical knowledge before these workers leave. Vast amounts of critical knowledge and information will walk out the door with them. And, significant amounts of dollars may be spent hiring these employees back to help train less experienced workers. This cost could be both staggering and preventable.

Knowledge Management & Transfer System Design Model

The Right Approach

Getting off on the right foot means preparing a strategy that matches your business culture, business environment and, of course, your financial considerations. Planning is a strategy. Without it, the likelihood of a sustainable workforce knowledge system is reduced. PLS uses its experience to guide in the process of developing answers to resources, responsibilities, rewards and recognition, staffing, and many other critical procedural issues. Once completed, everyone knows their role and what is expected.

The Right Technology

Often organizations have many of the parts and tools already in place. The challenge is one of effectively linking them together. PLS has a technology team that can help your organization put its hands around the variety of individual components and integrate them into a system. At PLS, we provide the tools to identify and access critical knowledge and effectively share it with the people charged with making things happen. Technology is the backbone of the system and it doesn’t have to be expensive. PLS has learned to begin as small as is required to get the job done. Bigger isn’t better until the system requires it.

The Right Information

PLS focuses our knowledge management consulting on people-centric systems to manage and transfer knowledge among people. The trick is to identify who has it, who needs it, and how to get it from one to another. Expert yellow page systems, blogging sites, internal networks, structured interviews and videos, and organizational libraries all contribute to a systematic approach for documenting knowledge and providing a source. Documenting knowledge and information is a full time job but it doesn’t have to get in the way of business performance.

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