A compensation plan serves a critical role in the strategic success of an organization.

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Salary Surveys

PLS Job Classification & Compensation Services

All organizations, public or private, require a formal compensation plan. The uses of such a plan include:

  • Providing a framework for equal compensation for work of a similar nature and level.
  • Attracting and retaining employees who apply the knowledge, competencies and capabilities required to perform their respective jobs effectively.
  • Establishing pay rates which compare reasonably with those of other employees in external labor markets.
  • Maintaining control over labor costs.
  • Ensuring the organization’s total investment in compensation is consistent with the employee’s contribution to overall organizational performance.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements as part of pay equity legislation.

Since a compensation plan serves a critical role in the strategic success of an organization, it is imperative that the plan be consistently maintained. The use of a formal salary survey is a major instrument to ensure that the salary plan is internally equitable and positively aligned with the organization’s external private and/or public competitors.


A formal salary survey can:

  • Provide detailed information to allow for the monitoring of developments in the external labor markets on a local, regional or national scope.
  • Provide a means of comparing the current salaries and benefits of the organization with that of other competing public and/or private organizations.
  • Provide the ability to gather very specific compensation data by using a customized survey.
  • Provide a baseline upon which adjustments can be made to improve the organization’s ability to attract and retain employees with its current compensation system.

PLS has the expertise to conduct all types of private or public sector salary surveys and will do so on time and on budget to ensure customer satisfaction and effective project completion and implementation.

As an added service, PLS will price or re-price, free of charge, a new or existing job class for one year after the completion of the market survey.

For more information about our services, or to learn how your organization can benefit from a partnership with PLS, please contact us via email at info@pls.net, or by phone at (800) 827-7576.