“PLS Organizational Assessments provided the actionable means of improving our enterprise. It gave us everything we need to keep our leadership and employees focused on what’s next.”

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Workforce Assessment Tools

Human Asset Strategy begins with information. PLS Consulting provides a wide variety of workforce assessments designed to identify your company's current capability and readiness, or the barriers inhibiting superior workforce performance. Our focus is to provide the kinds of quality organizational assessments you need to create tactical plans that improve human asset performance.

Each PLS human asset assessment is design to provide statistically accurate information that allows your company to create specific plans to improve performance by eliminating the gaps that hinder competitive superiority or employee satisfaction. And, many can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Available PLS assessments include:


Customer Value AnalysisThe Customer Value Analysis™

The Customer Value Analysis (CVA) is a unique tool for gathering information on the gaps between how your customer wants your team to perform and how the team is currently performing. Developed through extensive research, the Customer Value Analysis measures sales force performance in five key areas. Improve Your Sales Organization »

Leadership Effectiveness ProfileThe Leadership Effectiveness Profile™

The effectiveness of your leaders drives your organization’s performance and success. The Leadership Effectiveness Profile (LEP) measures 11 critical leadership competencies against up to 12 high performance workforce strategies shown to increase an organization’s competitive position, customer retention, and employee satisfaction. Target Improvement Objectives »

360-degree Multi-rater Assessment360° Multi-Rater Assessment Surveys

The PLS 360º Multi-rater Leadership Assessment (MLA) combines an analysis of specific leadership competencies, functional skills and a statistically validated leadership personality profile in one unique package. Determine Developmental Needs »

Succession Planning Readiness AssessmentSuccession & Talent Management Readiness Assessment

Determine your organizations readiness to implement a succession planning and talent management program with the complimentary PLS Succession & Talent Management Readiness Assessment. Discover Your Readiness »













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