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Employee Engagement Readiness Assessment

Employee engagement is a systematic method of identifying the specific conditions in your environment that make your employees thrive. Employee engagement programs initially begin with an engagement survey, where employees rate a series of statements about their organization, its leadership, and the work environment.

But employee engagement is much more than just a survey. It's what is done with the data that is often most important.

A well-designed employee engagement system allows organizations to determine how best to keep employees happy in their environment, and can link business performance to the engagement of its people. A strong program also utilizes employees in proposing solutions to management.

How ready is your organization to implement an employee engagement program?

The PLS Consulting Employee Engagement Readiness Assessment is designed to identify potential impediments to success when implementing or improving an employee engagement program.

The assessment consists of a series of statements aligned to best practices for building and implementing an employee engagement system. Respondents score each statement on their level of occurrence, from “not at all true” to “absolutely true.”

Based on the responses, PLS assigns a readiness score ranging from “significant challenges” to “superior readiness.”

The Employee Engagement Readiness report shows each statement and how it was scored. Based on the specific responses, PLS provides a detailed report listing potential pitfalls, gaps in readiness, and best practice recommendations to implement in the program design. PLS Consulting has developed a facilitated process that provides information for closing the gaps and designing the strongest program possible.

The Employee Engagement Readiness report categorizes each statement response in one of six categories:

  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Communication
  • Employee participation
  • Commitment to action
  • Business objectives

Our experience shows that these six categories are the main drivers of program success (or failure). The Employee Engagement Readiness report provides an overview of the responsibilities in each category, and lists specific program recommendations for each based on the assessment results.

There is no better tool in the market today that provides a roadmap for designing and implementing a successful employee engagement program. Complete the form on the right to request the complimentary PLS Consulting Employee Engagement Readiness Assessment today!

The report represents a snapshot of the “current” state and is based on the responses submitted. The report’s value comes during discussions that compare this information to your program goals and objectives, measurable outcomes and strategies to overcome any specific gaps.



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