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360-Degree Multi-Rater Assessment Surveys

It’s not just a tool, it’s a process. The PLS 360º Multi-rater Leadership Assessment (MLA) combines an analysis of specific leadership competencies, functional skills and a statistically validated leadership personality profile in one unique package.

The combination is one of the most powerful feedback assessments available today. And if your organization does not have an existing leadership competency model linked to your businesses strategic direction, our team will build one with you. The result is a custom electronic survey, designed to provide individual development planning opportunities and executive coaching feedback specific to your people and your organization’s requirements.
The best news is that the cost for this customized solution is often lower than the generic assessments you purchase off the internet. Our goal is to provide services that reduce both your time and cost, yet add our years of experience and results.
The 360º MLA process is just a part of the Talent Management suite of services available from PLS Consulting.

Leadership Development Report SampleAs a talent management organization with over 25 years of experience, PLS brings our unique process to your organization to build a company-specific solution specific to your organization. The final assessment is easier than most electronic 360º surveys because we do it for you with the competencies you and your leadership team select. PLS builds the 360º MLA process using your competencies for leadership, functional expertise and we add the Hogan Assessments personality-based performance risk and derailers assessment.

The PLS 360º Multi-rater Leadership Assessment process has been developed over more than 25 years of success in business settings of all kinds. The four stages include:

Change Management

PLS and our client review the strategic objectives of the organization or specific business unit. This review also includes a review of the organization’s leadership competency model. If no competency model exists PLS will facilitate the design with select members of the leadership team.

Job Analysis and Profiling

PLS will incorporate key functional position competencies along with leadership competencies to build a customized 360º instrument ready to electronically distribute to each manager’s raters. The PLS 360º MLA Assessment incorporates and compares each individuals ratings to the desired rating levels specified by that managers executive (typically President or CEO). Up to three open-ended questions can also be added to the instrument to facilitate broader information gathering and feedback.


PLS electronically distributes your custom 360º surveys, sends follow-up reminders and tabulates the results into individual reports designed to maximize the feedback for each manager and provide a significant individual development planning experience.  PLS can also include an optional statistically validated Leadership Personality Profile to identify potential strengths and derailers for long term success.

Selection and Hiring

PLS 360º MLA data can be provided to internal executive coaching personnel or PLS coaching staff is available for a powerful developmental experience onsite. PLS coaches are trained executive coaches, certified in the use of the Hogan Leadership Personality Profile and other psychometric assessment tools. The coaching process is developmental in nature and can be combined with other initiatives such as succession planning, executive development, or leadership training.


For more information about our services, or to learn how your organization can benefit from a partnership with PLS, please contact us via email at, or by phone at (800) 827-7576.