PLS has developed a standing reputation for our ability to support organizations of nearly any size address the challenges of managing the human asset of an organization. We build and improve the systems that allow people to drive organizational success.

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About PLS Consulting

Our Value Proposition

PLS provides the services that ensure your workforce aligns to your strategic vision! In any changing business landscape, PLS helps link employee acquisition, development and retention processes into one cohesive system. PLS provides the tools, methods and infrastructure critical to a sustainable workforce strategy capable of meeting both current and future business requirements. Our approach is customer-centric with solutions tailored to the specific environment of the client. Our company is dedicated to delivering unanticipated quality with every engagement, through the development and delivery of systems that connect the Acquisition, Development and Retention of critically needed talent.

PLS Consulting's Unique Value

  • Breadth of Service - PLS provides solutions in a variety of critical Human Capital practice areas and blends our experiences in manufacturing, utilities, consulting and financial services including both private industry and public sector environments.

  • Flexibility - Continuously cited by clients as one of the primary reasons PLS was chosen to provide long-term Human Capital solutions.

  • Professional Experience - Our professional consulting teams are comprised of veteran consultants with real life business experience.

  • Technical Support - Our experience in technology support allows for a complete integration of software solutions when they are appropriate to the need of the client. We are a non-technology solutions service with some of the best technology partners in Human Capital Management.

Key Benefits of Working with PLS Consulting

  • Proven and Tested Methodology - PLS means experience and a focus on best practice methods. We tailor proven practices to fit your environment, systems and strategic objectives.

  • Shortened Implementation Time - With twenty years of experience there is no guess work. We listen and document your requirements and we adapt proven systems to meet your need. We reduce your time to delivery.

  • Industry Leading Partners - PLS is supported by some of the best names in assessment, development and technology. With only one outsourced agreement you can get the power of the market?s best providers.

  • Lower Cost Outsourcing - While cost is not the most important measure of success, PLS provides the highest quality solutions at a reliably less expensive investment.

We optimize organizational performance by:

  • Defining human asset strategies that optimize organizational performance
  • Preparing organizations to implement successfully new systems and technology
  • Identifying performance gaps and their causes and orchestrating targeted improvements
  • Measuring the financial Return on Assets contributed by workforce initiatives



For more information about our services, or to learn how your organization can benefit from a partnership with PLS, please contact us via email at, or by phone at (800) 827-7576.