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How do you know you’ll have enough of the right people, in the right place, motivated and capable of achieving your business strategy?

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Align your talent management system
to your business strategy.

We believe in the power of people. An organization often invests substantial energy in acquiring critical business assets such as capital, technology systems, and infrastructure, but without a clear strategy for managing its human asset - no company can work effectively. After all, no asset performs until it's touched by people.

For over two decades, PLS Consulting has provided the framework and systems for effectively acquiring, retaining, developing and deploying the human asset of businesses.

We optimize organizational performance by:

Consulting ServicesConsulting Services

Through an integrated human asset strategy, PLS delivers everything you need to align human performance with your business objectives. From assessment to implementation to utilization. Strategy design to performance management to training and development. Total solutions are our specialty. Talent Management Strategies and Measures, Employee Engagement, Workforce Analysis & Planning, Organizational Assessments, Job Analysis and Profiling, Knowledge Management & Transfer, Classification and Compensation, Selection and Hiring, Performance Management, Succession Planning and Leadership Development, Employee Training and Development, Change Management. More »


Make every employee a High Performer. Carefully provide the right training to those that need it, when it can be utilized most effectively. It’s a systematic way to maximize the performance of your Human Capital. More »

Talent ManagementTalent Management As An Integrated System

PLS knows that Human Resources can be an effective system to acquire, assess, develop and retain the best people in your market. We also know that you probably already have some of the components you need, but they just aren’t designed to fit together. That’s why we’ve designed our tools to help align your components into one systematic approach. In increasingly competitive labor markets, organizations often struggle to find and retain the best people. More »


Our clients represent the best-of-the-best in industries including, but not limited to: Insurance & Banking, Government, Manufacturing, Communications and Publishing, Medical, Utility, etc. More »

PLS Consulting provides a wide variety of assessments designed to identify your company's current capability and readiness, or the barriers inhibiting superior work force performance. Our focus is to provide the kinds of quality information you need to create tactical plans that improve human asset performance. More »

360-degree Sample Image

360-degree multi-rater assessment surveys

Analyze specific competencies and personality profiles in one package.

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LEP Sample Image

The Leadership Effectiveness Profile

Determine the effectiveness of your leadership team with this unique tool.

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The customer value analysis

Find out what your best customers value most - and how you are measuring up.

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succession and talent management readiness assessment

Discover your organization's readiness for a succession and talent management program.

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